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Architecture is an amazing means of expression, a real medium to reflect the vision and ambition of its creator. The conception of a landmark is an iconic gesture, the marking of a period of time. We approach architectural projects from a different angle thanks to our firm knowledge of brands and their universes.


“Whatever is well conceived is clearly said, And the words to say it flow with ease”. We believe in simple and efficient concepts that both speak to visitors and create a necessary coherence throughout the project. Strategy connects everyone involved, from creatives to strategic planners.


The development of a unique kind of storytelling, above and beyond standardized practices, experiences and content is the key to increase brand awareness, customer engagement, and social amplification. We are committed to build narrative stores that create the essential bond of affection with the new generation of consumers.

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Hospitality & Residential expertise

What makes us feel good somewhere? a place that has been thought out, designed for oneself, which we instinctively appropriate and that proves to be a reflection of our sensitivity.
The historical association between Thierry Lemaire and Hubert de Malherbe, the combination of their complementary know-how brings attention to detail, elegance and sophistication to each project. The harmony and care taken in their design creates a source of personal and professional inspiration.