Malherbe Design

Mr Bricolage

The independent Mr Bricolage chain has a niche position in the DIY landscape with mid-sized and small stores in urban and peri-urban environments. Competing with the sector’s giants like Leroy Merlin, the brand had to highlight its difference and deliver on its specialised promise. The agency worked on the brand’s refocus on Interior Decoration observing that most Mr Bricolage customers are women (over 50% of customers at the till). Female pragmatism is more attentive to result than means. The new “In the heart of decoration” concept was built on a store plan that stages a large central area in the shop with scenes displaying the latest home design trends, all categories combined and in particular wallpaper, paint and textiles. The concept also enhanced the brand’s workforce, organising the consultation stands in the centre of the store for easier customer access and improved visibility. Malherbe Design completely revitalised the identity of Mr Bricolage without really touching the logo: goodbye hammer, saw and paint roller.

The agency grabbed the B from Bricolage and turned it into a heart that is both distinctive and eloquent.