Malherbe Design

Lillenium, France

Lillenium is a shopping centre in the heart of the new emerging quarter of Lille South. Architect Rudy Ricciotti designed the daring building with a vast atrium that evokes a covered street or the grand urban shopping arcades of the 19th century. An astonishing inflatable glass ceiling structure lets a generous amount of light in to this original mall. Malherbe Design created the interior d├ęcor concept for the whole shopping centre with the main event and services areas, an amphitheatre, a pop-up store, terraces and a suspended food court all illuminated by the glass ceiling and futuristic light fittings worthy of a football stadium. The agency designed Lillenium’s visual identity using the concept of a concentrated dense material, like a drop of mercury that takes on different shapes and transforms itself continuously. The agency also named the different parts of the mall (Solarium, Delirium, etc.).