Malherbe Design

Les 5 fermes, France

Les 5 Fermes is a store concept selling local, organic and farm produce and with a specialised florist. The farm products each have their place of origin and a story. This farmed and food produce has a strong identity focused on shared expertise and practices.

Les 5 Fermes has a vocation to broaden the consumption of local products to a rural and urban clientèle, enhance them and incorporate them in a process of cultural reappropriation of taste, history and heritage. Les 5 Fermes creates a world of pleasure where food and non-food products are highlighted in a specific architecture: traditional greenhouses.

The chain provides access to original products and product combinations (cross-selling) to encourage impulse buys: fruit and vegetable furniture with two levels offering fruit and the juice of the same fruit. It has modernised the image of the point of sale, moving away from the commonplace “rural, local” codes.

The metal and wood architecture creates a modern rhythm in the various areas. For example, the deli/cheese island is lit by a giant chandelier made from traditional milk bottles.