Malherbe Design

La Halle

La Halle launched a veritable revolution to face off the competition of chic discount category killers Zara, H&M (and soon Primark, Uniqlo, etc.). A radically new concept focused around the idea of a market and daily arrivals, with a spotlight on a more fashion-oriented and trendier image.

A back to roots feel evident in the “fresh” products arriving daily, representing the latest fashion trends, ensuring that La Halle will become a trend itself. At the entrance, an aerial structure evokes this market hall style. A “new arrivals” area welcomes customers and presents the brand’s latest “trends”. Along the customer path through the store, events and information abound highlighted by mannequins and models. So many styles, looks and personalities to meet customer desires.

The floor is parquet for a more inviting feel; furniture and displays are on wheels and all of the structural elements are mobile. The grey walls help create a modern feel throughout the store.