Malherbe Design

Continente, Portugal


Continente is the superstore business of the Sonae group in Portugal. In Cascais, the challenge was to reduce the commercial space of the superstore (from 12,000 to 10,000 square metres) to better adapt to the store’s potential and the retail environment. Reducing the size of a superstore is part of a basic trend in food retail to offer customers / shoppers human-scale shops that are less monotonous, more animated, more convivial and, above all, less vast. In parallel, the project involved the creation of a new specialised textile retail area in the superstore’s now free 2,000 square metres.

The new concept was radically more seductive, more feminine and more gourmet. Customers enter through the beauty zone (no longer the multimedia zone). The layout is structured around 3 main areas: non-food, dry goods and fresh produce… Each area has different codes: technology and high-specialisation for non-food, discount and efficiency for dry goods and finally traditional and gourmet for the fresh produce (with extensive staging on sourcing from local producers and eating areas).