Malherbe Design

Carrefour Planet

CARREFOUR PLANET represents a major innovation and a break away from our parents’ superstore experiences. Customers were surprised and enchanted with the results. The superstore was reorganised as a multi-specialist shop with extremely specific areas. Carrefour rediscovered its vocation as the number one family shop. For all the family.

The BEAUTY section was entirely revamped to offer an original experience brand new to a superstore. The entire area has specific charcoal grey and sky blue flooring made up of stripes of colour illuminated by LED lighting. This energy-saving system illuminates the products with a great deal of relief. A huge sign in light-box letters indicates the area, visible from the other end of the store. A great number of innovations feed the customer experience: hugely innovative make-up simulators, express hairdressers (€7 in Spain) and much more.

EUROPEAN PROJECT On the back of the first pilot stores and their results, the Planet concept was quickly adopted by several countries beginning with Spain, which very quickly updated several stores in the Madrid area with extremely encouraging results. Other countries like Greece and Italy, in the suburbs of Milan, also opened pilot stores.

VIDEO WALL A decision was made to work in greater depth with the Electronic-Photo-Cinema-Sound area including the Culture area, to create a huge MEDIA zone. This zone, in the centre of the non-food section of the store, expresses Carrefour’s strong ambitions for this product offering. We created an imposing and spectacular video wall. The genuine WOW effect from the entrance of the store draws customers to the right and helps increase purchase diversity. Belgium and Spain inaugurated their first pilot stores which included this new MEDIA zone.

The zone’s professional approach, the functionality of the furniture, the particularly intelligent lighting and bright signage create a high-tech atmosphere without the use of costly materials, materials that could erroneously create a high-cost image for the retailer.

CREATION OF A SUSHI BAR Throughout the customer’s journey in-store there are original spaces and corners which enrich the offer through staging. Whether it is a sushi bar, shown here, or the express hairdresser or the artisan cheese and charcuterie corner, the staging always celebrates the product or the service.

The market is at the centre of the superstore and illustrates a radical move away from previous concepts. The lighting is much less blinding, the aisles are quite dark creating a contrast with product offers bathed in light from directional LEDs available with different lighting temperatures for the different products (meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, etc.).

At the entrance to the store we installed a huge event area. Carrefour now has a stage to promote important, ambitious and spectacular sales operations, with far greater appeal than specialist chain stores. The Women’s Fashion event in September is a great example. It used this vast space with its great height for installations with brand new staging. The scaffolding with models perching over 3 metres above the ground and the rolling jeans “bars” created a sense of new arrivals and great deals not to be missed.

COMPACT FORMAT This concept is for atypical spaces between 4,500 and 7,500 m². It is an adaptation of the Planet concept for small superstores with a lower construction budget per square metre. The colour stripes are used here too, but this time simply painted on the walls. The segment signs sport the colour of the area and the transparent acrylics have been removed.